The device

Secure and flexible

  • The Convadis immobiliser system protects the vehicle against unauthorised use. 
  • The vehicle's location can be determined at any time, based on specific events or continuously, whichever is required. 
  • An alarm will be transmitted to the central software in the case of certain events, e.g. low battery, vehicle movement without reservation or critical system information etc. 
  • The accelerometer shows unusual events and sends these to the central software.
  • The vehicle key and up to two petrol or parking cards can be monitored. 
  • A number of emergency functions allow, amongst others, remote vehicle opening, closing or locking, or data retrieval. 
  • Remote analysis and remote updates are possible at any time.
  • The device speaks your customer’s language. Currently 13 languages are available. 

Universally applicable

  • CBox-Modulo can be used in all common vehicles. Convadis maintains a continually updated library with more than 150 installation guides. Installation takes between one and two hours, depending on the vehicle.
  • The device can process the vehicle’s CAN information and possesses a large number of other connection possibilities. This guarantees that different vehicles can be connected in the best way possible.
  • Should a vehicle type not yet be recognised, the necessary data can be analysed remotely with the integrated analysis tool, and the corresponding configuration will be calculated and provided.
  • Versatile optional and configurable processes allows individualisation for your specific needs.
  • The system can be installed in vehicles with conventional motors as well as electric vehicles. Scooters and HGVs with Convadis systems are on the road already, too.

According to your needs your customers can use various methods to open the vehicles:

  • The RFID card reader makes it possible to use common cards. Existing cards can also be used (e.g. company cards, client cards, public transport cards).
  • The vehicle can be opened/closed with a mobile phone using the mobile phone network or Bluetooth. The system can also be used in combination with a card reader in this case. 

All relevant data required for billing and statistical analyses is provided, e.g.:

  • Journey start
  • Journey end
  • Kilometres travelled
  • Fuel level or, for electric vehicles, battery level and charging plug status
  • Information about use of petrol cards
  • Geo-information
  • etc.