Our communication server CCom is connected via the mobile network to the devices in the vehicles and via a powerful, flexible interface (REST API) to your fleet administration/booking platform. This ensures the continuous data flow from your software to the devices in the vehicles and vice-versa.  

In addition to access to a large number of remote functions, the integrated CCom web interface also manages the extensive configuration options for the devices inside the vehicle.  

Various well-known booking and tracking platforms are already connected to CCom, further systems can be linked quickly and easily. Together with our partners, we can offer you a strong fleet and carsharing management solution from a single source. Get in touch with us.

Rethinking data-driven fleet management and carsharing: We combine safety, performance, and comfort in a management system that sets standards. We would be happy to advise you.

Our software partners

Fleet management with CCom – A system with many strengths

C-Compact and our software CCom together form a unit that offers you the opportunity to tailor the offer of your fleet to the needs of your customers down to the last detail. Familiarize yourself with the features and possibilities of our fleet management system here.

Linking to reservation and tracking platforms

Support of many platforms

CCom has a JSON/REST API, as well as an XML/SOAP interface as an alternative to connect booking and fleet management platforms. Many platforms are already integrated and others can be added effortlessly, so you can use your preferred solution. In addition, the optional connection of tracking platforms for seamless fleet management is possible. The parallel connection to several platforms, e.g., a booking system and a tracking platform, is also possible.

Interfaces for customer-specific platforms

In addition to an interface for connecting to customer platforms, we offer comprehensive development support for the optimal integration of further systems. These include demo programs, starter kits, the provision of test server environments and more. This makes it easy to connect your desired software platform.

Thanks to the CCom web interface, only a few protocols need be implemented during integration (reservations / access tokens, driving data) to start your business. If required, the integration can be continuously extended by further protocols (alarms, events, vehicle commands), so that the operational processes are completely controlled via your platform. This step-by-step integration process greatly simplifies the integration.

Easy integration of the app library

Our app library covers the complete communication to the vehicle via Bluetooth and the server, as well as the encryption of the data. This facilitates the integration into an existing host app, e.g., of the booking platform.

Cost-efficient data communication

CCom is optimized for efficient data usage. Compressed and event-based data transmission processes keep data consumption at its minimum. In addition, to use your own SIM cards from your preferred provider, Convadis is offering cost-efficient multi provider SIM cards, including data package on request.

Highest technical standards in the field of safety

Strong encryption

End-to-end encryption ensures secure data transfer across all communication channels (AES256, ECC key exchange), which ensures effective fleet and carsharing management in compliance with legal data protection requirements.

Reliable data transfer

Redundant communication (TCP to the device, TCP/Bluetooth via the user’s smartphone app, SMS fallback), as well as the intelligent dispatch time control ensure smooth operation and help to safely bridge any short-term network failures.

High-security hosting

The system is hosted in a high-security data center in Germany in a virtualized cluster setup (Docker/Kubernetes architecture). All systems are redundant and have comprehensive monitoring and alerting systems. Thus, we achieve a system availability of 99.9%.

Remote and analysis functions for your fleet

Whitelist and object management

CCom enables the management of whitelists for time independent administrative access to the vehicles. For uncomplicated handling and technically flawless fleet management, objects such as on-board computers, SIM cards, as well as fuel and charging cards can be managed simply and intuitively in CCom.

Wealth of remote functions and analyses

The configurations of the on-board systems is automatically uploaded to the vehicle during installation but can also be readout and updated remotely via the CCom web interface. A wide number of information is displayed in the diagnostic screens of the web interface, e.g., all messages from/to the device including all details. Additionally, a memory dump, including current and historical data can be requested from the device and displayed in CCom.

Various remote functions offer a wide range of possibilities: Vehicles can be easily locked/unlocked remotely, the immobilizer can be activated, access to users without an access media (RFID card, smart phone) can be granted and much more. If the vehicle cannot be found, the actual or last recorded GPS position can be requested.

Update Over-The-Air

Thanks to the FOTA function, firmware updates can be installed over the air at any time. This means that your fleet management solution is always up to date.

User Roles

Access to the CCom web interface can be adapted to your needs through configurable user roles.

Top-class carsharing and fleet management – setting up vehicles in short time

The basic precondition for start operation is, of course, the initial setup of the vehicles. With CCom, this process is completed in a very short time:

  • Create vehicle object (in CCom or via API)
  • Assign basic configuration template
  • Send a configuration job to the installer app
  • Installer transmits the configuration job to the device inside the vehicle via BLE

All further processes are processed automatically. These include, for example, the loading of the configuration, the creation of the on-board computer and SIM objects in CCom or any firmware updates for the device.

You can find more information about CCom here

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