Modern telematics for carsharing and fleet vehicles

The modern Convadis IoT device C-Compact is the key to fully automated vehicle fleet management for carsharing and fleet pools. The telematics system enables the recording and transmission of all relevant vehicle or journey information for billing, statistics, maintenance, logbook, and fleet management. In addition, the vehicles are secured and vehicle access is made possible without a key. Access occurs via smartphone or RFID cards.

Telematics Systems with added value – discover with C-Compact the all-round solution for car-sharing fleets and operational fleet management. We are happy to inform you individually about the possibilities of our system – please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Telematics and its benefits – The benefits for your fleet management

Telematics bundles the possibilities from the fields of telecommunications and informatic to make them usable for the management of a wide variety of systems. Corresponding telematics systems are mainly used in road traffic and in the management of vehicle fleets – they offer the following advantages, among others:

  • Exact information about the vehicle position (GPS)
  • Detailed overview of the vehicle states
  • Control of the driving behavior of the user
  • Efficient & cost-effective remote monitoring
  • Simplified deployment across multiple locations
  • Securing the vehicles against third-party use & theft
  • Collection of detailed trip data for billing purposes

Our telematics system C-Compact bundles all these and many other features into a strong overall package that enables you to efficiently and clearly manage your vehicle fleet. Find out more about our versatile system here and feel free to contact us personally if you are interested in an individual offer.

C-Compact – Telematics system for trucks, cars and all types of vehicles

Our telematics system is characterized by its versatility in use. This allows you to tailor C-Compact and its functions individually to your needs:

C-Compact can be installed quickly, easily, and usually non-intrusively in all vehicle types and can later be removed without leaving any residue. Specific instructions are available for installation, which are constantly kept up-to-date. This means that our telematics solution is both safe and flexible in use.

A wide range of tools are available for the analysis of new vehicles, so that the corresponding configuration can be quickly determined and provided remotely. The many optional and configurable processes enable individualization to meet your needs. This gives you exactly the functions you need.

Thousands of vehicles in many countries are equipped with Convadis technology. From small cars to trucks– and of course vehicles with a wide variety of drive types.

Convadis has been developing and producing devices for fleet management and carsharing for over 20 years. Our customers include a wide variety of companies with small and large fleets.

The Convadis solution can be connected to existing booking and tracking platforms or your own management software. For this purpose, corresponding interfaces to our communication server CCom are available. Or you can use the solution of our partners.

Our software partners

Secure data exchange

Our communication server CCom, our app or the integrable app library for Android and iPhone take over the complete and secure TCP and BLE communication to the vehicles.

Use the strengths of modern telematics for your vehicle fleet or your carsharing offers with C-Compact. We also have the right solution for your fleet and your requirements. Get in touch with us.

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Frequently asked questions about our telematics system

Do you have any further questions?

Reiner Langendorf
Advice for new customers

+41 41 610 60 91

For which vehicle types is the C-Compact hardware suitable?

C-Compact can be installed in all vehicles, whether classic combustion, hybrid or electric vehicles, whether new or used cars. The device is also suitable for trucks, scooters, and mopeds.

How long does it take to install?

The installation time depends on the vehicle type. It is about 30-60 minutes.

Who can install the devices?

The device can be installed by a normal car repair shop or a company for vehicle audio / navigation equipment. We train the corresponding workshops or employees of your organization online and support them by phone. We also offer installation together with our professional installation partners. They will install the devices for you on site at a cost-effective fixed price.

Can the device be removed and reinstalled in another vehicle?

The device can be reinstalled into another vehicle at any time at no additional cost. All you have to do is update the configuration of the new vehicle, which can be easily done via CCom. Any required installation material can be reordered from Convadis.

How long can the device be used?

The devices are very durable and robust. Our customers usually use them for more than 10 years. Of course, we guarantee regular maintenance and are available for repairs.

How can the vehicle be unlocked by customers?

Access is possible either via an RFID card or via a smartphone app (Convadis app or your own app with integrated Convadis app library). Of course, the vehicle is only unlocking, if the user has a reservation for the corresponding time period or a whitelist authorization.

Can we start with a few vehicles or is there a minimum purchase?

There is no minimum purchase. We have customers with only a handful of vehicles, others operate several hundred or even several thousand vehicles with our solution.

Can the vehicles be located?

The GEO coordinates of the vehicles can be queried at any time and, depending on the configuration, transmitted to the server with configurable cycle times or event based (e.g., when ignition on/off, log-out). This function can be restricted or completely switched off, for example for data protection reasons.

What does the support from Convadis look like?

We provide vehicle model related installation instructions for installation. Our support team is available by E-mail and telephone both during installation and daily operation. You can find all relevant information online via our wiki. For new vehicle models, we first create a provisional installation manual and analyze your device remotely with the help of our CAN bus analyzer integrated in the device.

Telematics system from Convadis – This is how easy it is to collaborate

From the modern car-sharing fleet to operational fleet management – with C-Compact we offer a versatile and reliable telematics solution for all requirements. We are happy to work with you to provide you with a suitable offer:

  1. Contact via form, e-mail or direct by phone

  2. Getting to know each other and clarify your requirements together

  3. Create an offer for your specific solution

  4. Agree on a schedule

  5. Implementation

We also have the right solution for your fleet and your requirements.
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What customers say about our telematics system

We have been using Convadis systems for over 20 years in currently more than 3,000 vehicles at 1,500 stations throughout Switzerland. Our requirements for technical reliability, innovation, and customer service are correspondingly high. Points that the Convadis hardware optimally fulfils for us.
CTO, Mobility Carsharing Switzerland
At my-e-car, we have more than 100 vehicles with different hardware generations from Convadis devices in use. We have always chosen Convadis. This is not only because of the practice-oriented technical solution, but also because of their good support and the “short” paths in the daily workflow.
Managing Director of my-e-car GmbH
As a small organization with only five vehicles, thanks to the Convadis solution, we can offer professional carsharing, even without having internal specialists for on-board computers.
Owner ShareCar, Slovakia
Our fleet comprises almost 400 vehicles with a wide variety of vehicle types. Convadis convinces us with high reliability of the technology. The support team assists us competently and quickly with special questions and requirements.
Technical Manager, Bildeleringen, Norwegen
We currently use three generations of Convadis on-board computers in parallel in our nearly 650 vehicles. Durability and long-term maintenance readiness have convinced us for many years, both from an operational and a financial point of view.
Operations Director, Co Wheels, Great Britain

Telematics from Convadis – Powerful systems for a modern vehicle fleet

C-Compact is compact, easy to handle and, with its wealth of functions, offers the ideal basis for fully automated fleet management. Our telematics system sets standards in terms of functionality and remains safe and reliable in use.

Whether for modern fleet management or the digitization of a car-sharing fleet, with our system all possibilities are open to you. Discover C-Compact and its application options now – we will be happy to advise you on this and look forward to hearing from you!

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