Features and functionality

C-Compact offers comprehensive functions that a modern carsharing and fleet management system requires – in a single compact unit that can be easily configured to meet your specific needs. This is exactly what our hardware is optimized for – thanks to its high-quality and versatile technical equipment, our device is ideal for use in fleets of all sizes.



  • Carsharing
  • Pool cars
  • Fleet management
  • Car-Rental
  • Digital logbook
  • Handover of keys in the vehicle

C-Compact Hardware

Only one unit, all antennas integrated

Cell phone modem 2G/4G or 4G LTE-M, TCP Always on Mode, SMS Fallback


RFID cards/-Badges (Mifare, ISO14443A, ISO15693, Sony Felica, Hitag, a.o.)

GPS Glonass, Galileo, Baidu, incl. server-based A-GPS

2xCAN, opt. CAN-FD, LIN

Digital and analog inputs (speedometer, fuel level, ignition) and outputs (2x immobilizer, 2 x central lock)

3-axis accelerometer (braking, accelerating, cornering)

multi-color LED


Integration of remote-control keys (lock/unlock, switched 3V) possible

Radio transmitter for C-port (option "C-Port")

Dimensions: 116 x 79 x 23 mm

Power consumption: Approx. 15 mA in sleep mode (RFID reader and cell phone modem active), approx. 100 mA in operating mode

Input voltage: 6 - 55V

Temperature range: -40 to +85° Celsius

Connection: OBD plug or vehicle wiring harness

  • Mounting location:
    • with RFID reader: inside on the windscreen
    • with app only: below dashboard

Certifications: ECE, CE, FCC, IC Kanada


Option C-Intac: Key and fuel/charging/parking card detection


  • Monitoring of 2 fuel/parking/charging cards
  • Vehicle key monitoring (removed/back)
  • Two buttons
  • LED

Option C-Port: Actuator for vehicle keys/remote controls


  • Two actuators for vehicle remote controls
  • Immobilizer for keyless start systems
  • Battery operated (operating time 4-5 years)
  • Wireless connection to C-Compact main unit 

Storage for 99 reservations/access tokens/digital keys to bridge short-term network outages

Large event memory (approx. 14 days)

  • Data collection and transmission
    • Usage data (access times, driven km, fuel level, state of charge SOC, etc.)
    • Information vehicle states (ignition, doors, windows, diagnostic information, etc.)
    • Information about driving behavior (fuel consumption, vehicle speed, engine speed, idling, etc.)
  • GPS and Tracking
    • Information about GPS position in the event of events (e.g., every on/off of the ignition, every login/-out)
    • Vehicle tracking (every 1000 m, every 1 min and every 30° direction change or every 1.5 seconds)
    • Tracking information can be switched off (data protection)

Alarms (battery low, illegal vehicle moving, ...)

Remote access via mobile network

Group access (max. 13 authorized users can share a trip)

Time-independent white-list access (up to 1300 cards/badges, app users)

Setup/assignment of unknown RFID cards/badges on first vehicle access of the user

Emergency procedure for RFID card access in the absence of cell phone reception

Automatic device setup via smartphone app (incl. firmware update)

Remote firmware update (FOTA)

Integrated remote CAN analyzer for new vehicle models

Mixed-mode operation (BLE app, RFID, remote unlocking)

and more


Smartphone App C-App

  • Lock/unlock, end of journey, request PIN of fuel/charging/parking cards
  • Information dashboard
    • Display of vehicle conditions (mileage, state of charge, ...)

    • Display of available vehicles nearby

    • Display of the current reservations and actual usage data

    • Display of extended status information for installation and diagnostics

  • Personalization by QR code or deep link
  • Customization of app via dedicated style sheets (white labeling)
  • App library available for integration into your own app (incl. SDK)

Communication, CCom server, platform connection


  • Connections to various booking and fleet management systems, as well as tracking platforms available
  • Connection to your own platform via REST/JSON or XML/SOAP API (including SDK) easily possible
  • Web interface for expert functions, remote configuration, remote diagnosis, emergency commands (also possible via API)
  • Data consumption 2-4 MB/month/vehicle. Lo cost SIM card, including data available
  • Encryption: AES256 with ECC Key Exchange
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  • Passenger cars (combustion, electric, hybrid), trucks, scooters
  • Installation instructions available for 400 vehicle types
  • Support included (phone, e-mail)

Optional add-on modules

Communication server Ccom

Technical details about our app and the app library

Information on usage procedures

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