Carsharing System – The intelligent solution for your Carsharing service

Just get in and drive, uncomplicated and fast – these are the requirements that a modern carsharing system must meet.

C-Compact is a powerful, easy-to-integrate, and fully configurable carsharing system that meets all the requirements of carsharing providers. From access control, comprehensive trip, and vehicle data recording to individual configuration and convenient handling in day-to-day business – we offer a car-sharing solution that will inspire even the most demanding providers and customers. Discover our system!

The Convadis Carsharing System – Our solution at a glance

Thanks to almost 30 years of experience in the operational and technical field and the practical know-how gained during this time, we have developed a system that covers all the requirements of daily carsharing business. We are happy to introduce you to the features of our carsharing system in detail.

Full control for every car-sharing model

C-Compact can be configured for a wide variety of carsharing concepts. These include the following variants:

  • Station-based carsharing
  • Free-floating carsharing
  • One-way carsharing

With C-Compact, access to the vehicles can be controlled. At the same time, all relevant data for statistical evaluations, billing, maintenance work and more can be collected directly via the carsharing system and transmitted to the head office.

Full security in deployment and use

Convenient use by customers

C-Compact ensures that only authorized persons have access to your car-sharing vehicles. For this purpose, the reservations from your reservation system are transmitted to the vehicle in encrypted form via our CCom server – the trips can then be started by the authorized person. Our carsharing system supports various models to identify the customer and unlock the vehicle:

Smartphone app
(on request as a white label solution or integrated into your existing app)

RFID cards
(support for many standards, even existing card populations can be used)

Of course, our car sharing system can also be used mixed with cards and app.
The vehicle key is left in the glove compartment as standard, so the handover is completely omitted. Many vehicle models are also used completely keyless.

If employees or technicians need permanent access to the vehicles, this can be easily realized: For this purpose, up to 1300 IDs of users can be managed via CCom and stored in the memory of the device. Users, included in this whitelist, have unrestricted access to their car sharing vehicles.

Reservations and permanent access control can easily be used mixed. If only time-independent access to the vehicles is required, the system can be used without connection to a booking system, which reduces the operational costs for the carsharing system accordingly.

Each access, whether with reservation or via permanent access, generates a trip-data record that contains all relevant data for billing and analysis. The transmission can also be carried out by configuration for partial trips, e.g., at each time logging off, when the ignition is activated or after certain times. All data transmissions from and to the vehicle are pseudonymized and encrypted.

Functional in all situations

Reliable readiness

Plenty of memory for many trips – up to 99 bookings can be stored in the internal device memory. Trip and event data are also stored temporarily. As a result, smooth operation is always guaranteed even in the event of a connection interruption with the cell phone network or with low network reception.

Even in underground car parking areas without cellphone network coverage, access to the vehicle is possible without any problems – our carsharing system transmits the crypted booing/electronic key also to the user’s app and from there via BLE to the device in the car. The authorized driver is able to unlock the vehicle by tapping onto the push of a button in the app.

Antitheft and abuse protection

There are several security mechanisms in place if the user does not have a valid authorization to access the vehicle. In addition, our carsharing system supports a number of automated control and monitoring mechanisms that ensure operation. These include the following features:

  • Convadis immobilizer
  • Possibility to receive GPS positioning messages (time cycling, on request, on event)
  • Alarm system for transmitting special events (low battery/unplanned vehicle movement/system-critical information)
  • Integrated accelerometer records unusual events
  • Monitoring of vehicle keys and fuel/charging or parking cards (C-Intac)

Our carsharing system also provides remote access. In addition to retrieving data, the vehicle can also be unlocked or locked remotely. This gives you control over your carsharing fleet even from distance. In addition, remote analyses and remote updates are possible at any time.

Data acquisition as required

In addition to safety and a high-level of operating comfort, the collection, transmission, and evaluation of trip and vehicle data are also core elements of a strong car-sharing system. C-Compact gives you the possibility to configure the details of the data collection processes according to your needs to continuously optimize your fleet management. The following is a selection of the available information:

Start time of trip

End time of trip

Driven distance

Mileage at the start and end of the journey

Information about removal and return of fuel/charging/parking cards

Fuel level or charge level and charge plug state for full electric vehicle models

GPS coordinates/tracking information
The GEO coordinates of the vehicles can be requested at any time or, depending on the configuration, transmitted to the server time based or as an event (e.g., when the ignition is switched on/off, logging off). This function can be restricted or completely switched off, for example for data protection reasons

Information about ignition (on/off), doors (open/closed/locked), windows (open/closed)

Fuel or charge levels for electric and hybrid vehicles

Battery low, alarm if 12-volt battery level is getting low

Diagnostic information / fault codes stored in the vehicle

Information about removal and return of fuel/charging/parking cards

Information about extraordinary events / damage detection

Fuel consumption

Vehicle speed / engine speeds / direction of travel

Engine hours

Idling time (engine runs without movement)

Excessive acceleration harsh braking, harsh cornering

Detection and alerting of unauthorized vehicle movements


The “Always on” technology of our carsharing system enables real time transmission of the data to the head office. This means that you, as a carsharing provider, is always informed in detail about the actual state of your vehicles. Would you like to know more about these features or the Convadis system as a whole? Please contact us for advice and offers!

Our carsharing system – that’s what C-Compact is all about

Between 30 and 60 minutes – that’s all it usually takes to install C-Compact in a vehicle in your fleet. The device is simply connected to the vehicle with the appropriate wiring harness and/or OBD connector and is usually mounted directly at the windscreen.

One device – full equipment

The core element of our carsharing system is the C-Compact device – consisting of only one unit. It contains all the necessary antennas and interfaces to ensure fast and safe installation, as well as rapid readiness for use.

Help with installation

You get access to a permanently updated library with hundreds of installation manuals and are professionally supported by our support team during installation. If necessary, we provide online training for your installers. In addition, our installation partners can offer you the complete vehicle installations in whole Europe.

CAN Information

The device can readout information from the CAN bus, the vehicle’s data network, and provides several other connection options. This ensures that a wide number of vehicle types can be optimally connected. Vehicle types that are not yet known can be analyzed remotely via C-Compact to be able to provide the appropriate configuration.

For all vehicles

Whether conventional, hybrid or electric car our device can support almost any vehicle. This gives maximum flexibility to carsharing providers based on a unified carsharing system. Scooters and trucks are also on the road with the Convadis systems.

Individual configuration

Customize the versatile functions and options of our hardware to your specific processes based on your individually specified configuration templates. These configurations, as well as the latest firmware, are automatically loaded onto the device during the app-controlled installation process. Configuration changes and firmware updates are also possible at any time remotely via the CCom web interface.

Once the configuration is complete, the device is ready for operation. If you have questions about individualization, feel free to contact us – our carsharing system can be adapted to your needs.

C-Compact from Convadis – A carsharing system in a class of its own

Numerous security features, up-to-date functions, and comprehensive data provision – all in all, you get an all-round strong carsharing system that can be configured according to your needs and significantly simplifies the handling of car-sharing fleets. Please contact us for a personal consultation or ask for a quote.

Optional add-on modules

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