With the integration of our additional modules, you get access to further functions of our carsharing system.


The features of the C-Compact modules at a glance

C-Intac (detection of fuel/charging cards and vehicle keys)

C-Intac is placed in the glove compartment and connected via cable to C-Compact.

Fuel/parking/charging card monitoring The module monitors the use of the fuel/charging or parking cards and reports the status of the cards at the end of the journey to the administration software. For this purpose, RFID stickers are attached to the cards and read out by the device.

Key-detection This optional feature ensures that the driver does not accidentally take the key with him when returning the vehicle. Depending on the configuration, the signaling of the end of the journey is also carried out by putting the key batch back into the corresponding holder. This means that even when used with RFID cards, the booking can be shortened to make the vehicle available for next users immediately.

C-Port (wireless key/immobilizer)

Actuation of the vehicle key/ immobilization C-Port is a wireless battery-powered activator for mechanically pressing buttons on vehicle keys to lock or unlock the vehicle. For this purpose, the original vehicle key is placed in C-Port and adapted to the activators. This module thus offers another option for locking or unlocking the vehicle doors. It speeds up device installation and prevents car key from getting damaged. C-Port also includes an immobilizer. Since there is no cable connection to the main device, the theft protection is increased.

Faster installation Together with the connection of the device to the OBD connector and (if necessary) the contactless connection on the CAN bus of the vehicle, C-Port enables fast installation in many vehicle models (no soldering or crimping to the vehicle wiring necessary). This is a great advantage, especially for short vehicle running times. 

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