The Modules

C-Compact combines all relevant modules in one unit. The device can be configured for individual needs particularly for application in areas such as pool or CarSharing and car rental business. It can also be tweaked to meet demands of open or closed user groups, station-based or floating-projects etc.

Vehicle access is possible using RFID cards or smartphones - based on reservations, stored access lists or instant access.

C-Compact is connected to the vehicle using the appropriate wiring harness and / or OBD plug. The standard mounting location is at the corner of the windscreen.

C-Compact (Main-unit)

C-Compact (Main-unit)

The device (Dimensions: ca. 116 x 79 x 23 mm) includes, among others:

  • Multi RFID-reader, the following cards types and standards can be read:

    • Mifare
    • Hitag
    • ISO14443A
    • ISO14443B
    • ISO15693
    • Sony Felica

  • Bluetooth- Functions
  • Antennas for cellular network, GPS, RFID and Bluetooth

  • 3 axis acceleration sensor for damage reporting and manipulation alarms

  • 2G/4G cell-phone module

  • 2 x hi speed CAN

  • multicoloured LED for user feedback

C-Compact can optional be supplemented with C-Intac (fuel cards and key control unit) and C-Port (Key activator).

Option C-Intac - Petrol cards and key control unit

Option C-Intac - Petrol cards and key control unit

C-Intac is placed in the glove compartment and connected to C-Compact. The module monitors the use of the petrol or park cards and ensures that the right cards are in the device again at the end of the journey. Otherwise an alarm will be transmitted.

The option of “Key recognition” can also be activated with C-Intac. At the end of the journey the vehicle key must then be placed in the appropriate holder in the vehicle. Only then can the vehicle be closed with the card or the mobile phone. This ensures that the driver does not inadvertently take the vehicle key away with him at the end of the journey.

The cards and the key are monitored using RFID tags.

Option C-Port - Key activator

Option C-Port - Key activator

C-Port is a battery-powered activator for mechanically pressing buttons on car keys to lock/unlock the car. The original car key can be mounted inside C-Port and be adjusted to the activators. Along with its existing offerings, it provides an additional solution to lock/unlock the car doors. It speeds up the device-installation and avoids “disturbing” the car key.